Mushroom Consultancy


Details of Services


  • Site visit and Analysis
  • Project report preparation
  • Identifying farm land location
  • Project layout design
  • Cost effective infrastructure design
  • Cost effective harvesting technology, packing methodology
  • Short & Long term storages Pest management, Post harvest handling, Seed/Spawn preparation techniques, Identifying compost and growing requirement machinery
  • Design of the building according to the location
  • Modernize tunnel design according to the requirement
  • Air-conditioning simulation for the requirement
  • Sourcing the raw materials
  • Modernize growing room design with climate controlled
  • Manpower selection and training program
  • Process technique requirements for spawn, compost and mushroom growing process
  • Trial run of the compost yard, bunker, tunnel room
  • Trial run for first batch of mushrooms
  • Fine tuning the output
  • Handover the project
  • End to end solution from composting growing packing of mushrooms

Why Us?
Our company has earned credibility in the market owing to the following reasons 

  • We have vast experience in white button mushroom and portobello mushroom, spawn and compost production
  • We are backed by a competent team
  • We assure timely execution of services
  • We quote nominal rates
  • We follow client-centric approach

What type of mushroom projects we can execute?

  • Oyster Mushrooms
  • Button Mushrooms
  • Medical Mushrooms
  • mushroom consultancy
  • mushroom company set up

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