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Mushroom pinheads grown at biobritte mushroom farm


Biobritte Agro Solutions Private Limited is registered in June 2018 however, was founded in 2017 (Formerly Known as Kolhapur Mushrooms) as small business by Mr. Parimal Ramesh Udgave.

mushroom farm in maharashtra


In first stage, we opened small spawn lab and Mushroom cultivation training center which acted as support center for local mushroom growers and entrepreneurs. In 2018, we extended our mushroom spawn lab to big level. We send our spawn all over India. Besides that, we supply spawn to various countries in South East Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa and American countries.

Biobritte is fruits, vegetable and mushroom exporter


In 2019, Company started to operate International Business in different products which includes Mushrooms, Fruits, Vegetables, Natural Healthcare Supplements, Medicinal Plants, Other Food Products, Instruments , Growing Materials ,Agri Hardware Materials ,Crop Seeds ,Plant Tissue Cultured seedlings ,Soil Supplements, Hydroponics Nutrients ,Organic Fertilizers ,Automated Systems for Indoor Farming ,Electronic Products for Indoor Farming and others.

Biobritte food and vegetable processing export unit

Food Processing

We Planned independent fruits and vegetables processing unit . Export Unit. 2020

Mushroom events

Mushroom Exhibitions

To increase awareness in public biobritte starting to arrange mushroom exhibions across India. And aims to expand at International Locations.

mushroom conferences

Mushroom Conferences

Biobritte starting scientific conferences series which will be held at Indian and international locations. 



Parimal Ramesh Udgave

Parimal is alumini of Sheffield Hallam University, England, Great Britain. His area of expertise includes Agriculture, Biotechnology, Food sciences, Bioanalytical sciences.He serves as Executive director of company. 

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